Peter Tolstrup

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Peter Tolstrup

About me

I’m a Copenhagen based UX & UI designer from the Danish Designschool with a master’s degree in software development and technology. I have designed, developed and lectured about digital experiences since 2008.

With my master I have given me a solid foundation in technology, processes and UX methodology. I have mainly worked with web and mobile experiences but through studies and teachings I have touched upon an array of different interaction paradigms and technologies.

What other people say

“Peter is a structured and clever employee who is focused on optimizing the processes … ”
– Mads Ziwes Due
Strategic & Creative Director at Gottlieb & Co

“ … strong understanding of Interaction Design and usability, coupled with a solid technical understanding makes him a perfect addition to any digital product development team.”
– Rune Hauberg Brimer
Head of Product at Keepit

“Peter is enthusiastic, versatile, and creative … ”
– Anna Vallgårda
Associate Professor at IT University of Copenhagen

Don’t hesitate to contact me!
+45 61771224